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Chris Wilson Shares His Story Of Doing Over 700 Wholesale Deals In 1 Year

After leaving the corporate world, Chris has created a cash machine through wholesaling real estate.

“Last year we did over 728 wholesale deals…that was a bit of a slow year for us”

Chris has over 30 years of experience and loves being a practitioner instructor at Renatus. He shares relevant training of what works TODAY in the market and loves sharing the “right way” to get deals done today.

School Teacher Creates Passive Income Through Real Estate

Chris was a school teacher who wanted more income in his life.

“I was looking for a way to get the most value with the least amount of time and that was in real estate”

Chris had watched his parents by real estate as a child and knew it was an option that would work for him and his family. After investing in real estate, he grew his business to the point that he no longer needed his teaching job anymore.

Chris is now a practitioner teacher for the Renatus Real Estate Education courses.

Contractor Finds A Way To Earn Real Estate Profits

Bob was a contractor who spent his time remodeling homes for wealthy real estate investors. It was the years and years of watching others earn massive profits off of his teams efforts that inspired him to find a way to become an investor.

When Bob found the system at Renatus everything changed. He now had a community of investors to collaborate with in his local market and the education he needed to find, fund, and flip properties just like the investors he had worked for before.

Single Mom Learns How To Fund Any Real Estate Deal

Candie wore many hats in life. She was mother, provider, and friend to many. One this she was not was a real estate investor. Candie had a burning desire in her heart to find a way to create income where she could spend more time with her family and provide the lifestyle she desired for her children. At the time she began she was a single mom looking for a better way.

She knew that wealthy people where involved in real estate, but she had no idea how she would fund real estate deals.

That’s when she discovered the systems and strategies at a local Renatus event. See her story here:

Dr Gary Discovers Post-Retirement Profits

Dr. Gary was like many people looking to retire in America today. When his retirement day came, he realized that he could live very, very comfortably for the next few months, instead of years…

That is when Gary began to look for a better way to have a business in retirement. He knew the value of real estate investing, but did not have a clear road map to get his dream.

See his story here:

What Is Renatus?

What Is Renatus?

Renatus is a community of like minded individuals who all have one goal, to create financial independence for themselves and their families and to be able to pass that knowledge and opportunities on to future generations.

To be able to facilitate that Renatus is the best real estate education system in the country. We realized it’s a very biased statement, but when you really take a look at whats available in the market today, you’ll discover why we feel that way.

We have 17 practitioner instructors that make up 33 different courses to assist students to learn wealth creation through real estate investing and business.

They are practitioners because they actually practice what they preach. All these instructors do is teach. There is no more selling during the classes, so the instructors have no reason to hold any of their secrets back

See the full interview here: